SGI Fuel Modifier


SGI Fuel Modifier

The SGI fuel modifier is a module that can be retrofitted in all vehicles and assemblies with petrol or diesel engines, as well as in oil heating systems. Also suitable when using other liquid fuels such as ethanol and kerosene.

Made in Germany

Manufacture in Germany guarantees quality, safety and durability.


Completely maintenance-free
with professional installation.

High economic efficiency

Average reduction of fuel consumption by approx. 10-20%.


Safety tested and confirmed
by TÜV and DEKRA.

The combustion process today

During the combustion process, several undesirable by-products, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides, are formed in the exhaust gases – partly due to incomplete combustion or certain chemical side reactions. In addition, soot particles are formed and the combustion process produces carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the climate.

In order to reduce the pollutant content of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines, exhaust gas catalysts are nowadays used to isolate unwanted particles after combustion. However, this process reduces engine performance and increases fuel consumption. The SGI modifier counteracts this by reducing consumption and increasing performance.

How does it work?

The SGI modifier is installed between the fuel filter and the injection pump or carburetor, allowing all fuel flow to pass through the modifier to the engine. The chemical-catalytic reactor unit (similar to a catalyst) improves the combustion properties and achieves a higher energy yield through faster, more even combustion combined with more pressure on the piston and full use of the fuel.

The combustion process becomes more environmentally friendly – more powerful – more efficient. Not only is fuel consumption reduced, soot particles are also burned off almost completely.

Overview of advantages

Increase in torque and engine power
Improvement of the fuel quality
Smoother running behavior of the engine
Facilitation of cold starting in
cold regions
Protection of the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) against premature contamination
Extension of the service life of the engine and exhaust system
TÜV inspection and entry in the vehicle documentation is not required
Simple, fast and uncomplicated installation
Long mileage up to 300,000 kilometers

Protect the environment through
significant improvement in emissions

Reduction of carbon monoxide up to 97.7%
Reduction of CO2 emissions by approx. 10-20%
Reduction of fine dust and soot particles by 80% and more
• Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 10%
Reduction of hydrocarbons by approx. 30%

By saving paper, we make an important contribution to environmental protection. The product portfolio can also be found in our online catalogue.